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Hacks To Live By On The Road & On The Go

How much time do you spend waiting in your car?  Maybe while waiting for an appointment, waiting for passengers or eating your lunch away from the crowd.  For many of us this is the new normal.  We can make the best out of it!

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What Can You Do Parked In Your Car With Extra Time To Kill And An OTG Car Desk

Some people leave home extra early to avoid traffic or to find a new address. Others just have time to spare because they were dropping someone off and so on.

You could be waiting in the driver seat for a number of reasons, if so you may find the following very interesting. Of course all the things listed below may not apply to you.

You'll be surprised at how much you can do in your car at any given time.

1- Meditate

Keep Negative Thinking Away & Invite Positive Vibes Into Your Mind

Meditation helps with self awareness and control, which reflects in how we manage other aspects of our life.

Meditating is free and anyone can do it regardless of religion. It only takes from one minute to an hour depending on the desired result

You can meditate absolutely anywhere you want, even your car! To meditate:

  • Focus your awareness on a specific point

  • Pay special attention to your breathing. Take deep breaths and make sure your whole body is completely relaxed.

  • Repeating a mantra or staring at a candle’s flame may help you refocus if any other thought enters your mind.

Meditation takes commitment and practice, but the benefits far outweigh the effort.


2- Drink Water

Drink As Much Water As You Can Stand Comfortably

Our body is composed of close to 60% water, consequently we need water so that the functions in our body stay working properly. Water helps to keep the balance in bodily fluids which affects digestion, nutrient absorption, cell reproduction and more.

Water is also a natural way to prevent disease when toxins are excreted through body fluids. Drinking water is a great way to prevent dehydration throughout the day.

3- Organize

Tidy Up Your Email, Purse/Wallet Or Your ”To Do List”

Unorganized living can lead to embarrassment, fatigue, and stress. Spending time in an organized setting can increase your productivity.

Starting an organized course of action can clear your thoughts and trigger other good decisions to occur. Dealing with physical clutter can help to organize mental clutter too. If you have a few minutes in your car start sorting, cataloging or disposing of advertisement, receipts, condiment packets, business cards etc.


4- Write, Get inspired!

Compose An Email Or A Social Media Post

Many people have to write different communications for various purposes like a business plan, a post or a grant proposal. Even if all you need to write is an excuse declining an invitation, it may take some creativity and time.

When you write in a relaxed environment you have a good chance to come up with fresh thoughts. The isolation of your car may be the best place to articulate an idea.


5- Pay A Bill

This Is One We All Have & Probably Dislike

We all dread when we know we have to pay a bill, even if we have the money. Of course, we must pay our bills if we want to enjoy continual use of utilities, transportation, memberships etc.

We don’t get a free pass on paying bills but on the other hand paying a bill could bring a feeling of achievement that could carry on through the day.


6- Research

Find Out All You Can About A Product Or Service You Plan To Buy

Often we find ourselves returning a product or stuck paying for a service which is not the way we expected. If you live in the US, you are extremely lucky that our return policies are very flexible but even if you are able to return a product, it is not always convenient to do so.

As for service the same return terms do not apply. For instance, when was the last time your internet, insurance, club membership or pest control service was refunded? Probably never. So use the internet to obtain information like dimensions, cost or coverage and read customer’s reviews.


7- Plan A Week’s Worth Of Lunch & Dinner Options

Be Thorough, Include Ingredients And Portions

We use the term week loosely as this would be a matter of preference depending on your lifestyle. You may prefer to cook every evening after coming home from work or you may enjoy having your food somewhat ready to eat. This is mostly for those who cook in bulk once or twice a week and keep meals ready in the refrigerator to alternate.

In the interest of eating fresh food we think a plan that is no longer than a week is best. The point of planning is to have the food you love at your fingertips and avoid falling into a repetitive eating path or making unhealthy eating decisions.

8- Look For Another Job, Seriously

Only You Will Know When The Time Is Right To Change Jobs

So you dread walking into the office, you feel you are not being compensated enough and you’re looking forward to 5:00 pm all day. You can’t be productive this way, and when you’re not productive you could get a bad evaluation or worse. If what’s described above sounds familiar, it is time to move on.

Looking for a job while you still have a job is the way to go. People in hiring positions tend to assume if you are employed you must be good, and the opposite when you are unemployed. You will also reflect a more secure attitude to negotiate with potential employers because you know if you don’t get this job you still have the current one.

Since you don’t know how your employer will react if they knew you were looking for a new job, your job search should be done at home or in the privacy of your car.


9- Sale

Put Your Unused Items For Sale Online. Stop the cycle of accumulating too many material possessions and live a clutter free life. We purchase so many things, what happens when those items are no longer interesting or relevant? You already have the use you needed out of the item, so it’s going to start collecting dust and taking up space. Just get rid of them and get some money for them too.

You can absolutely take advantage of the many online apps that are available to sell used stuff. Most people don’t have time to sit in a garage sale all day. Used items could be sold for a very low fee using these apps anytime, anywhere, even from your car!


10- Learn Something New

Sounds Simple But There Are So Many Topics To Choose From

If you have an hour of solitude in your car every day, you have plenty of time to learn something useful. Of course, what is useful or interesting to you may not be so for anyone else. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Be the best in your field

  • Teach yourself a new language

  • Learn and practice a new software

  • Master the art of selling

  • Find out how to fix a particular mechanism

  • Learn the Bible

  • Learn how to build a solar power system

  • Master the art of conversation

  • Play an instrument

  • Start a vegan lifestyle

Dedicating only one hour per week to any given subject can truly make you an authority in less than a year. You could even revisit and refresh your knowledge about things you knew in school. The sky's the limit for this but in any journey you wish to embark, we’d like you to do it comfortably. Give the OTG Desk a Go!

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