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Keep Your Makeup Or “No Makeup” Flawless, On The Go

OTG Desk, A Car Desk Or A Vanity In Your Vehicle

Why Would I Do My Makeup In My Car?

Your makeup touch-up may consist of just blotting paper and a “my lips but better” lippy, or you may enjoy the full day to night smokey eye vamp makeover. Whatever your signature style, we have a tool to help simplify the transition from the end of the day to the beginning of an evening out.

Besides using the OTG Desk to work on your laptop computer or read, you can do your makeup flawlessly in a natural and comfortable position. This assembly free mobile office is great, If you like doing your makeup using natural light. By using natural lighting you will prevent uneven/unnatural hues in your face.

Your best matching shade of foundation can only be detected outside in sunlight. This is the reason makeup counters offer foundation testers or samples to take home. Makeup artists test foundation on celebrities in natural light the day before an event, to ensure they use the right shade. A flawless look is the look of perfected natural looking skin. Blending your makeup with the help of natural light is also a great advantage to achieve a professional blend.

Flawless Face Of Makeup_edited.jpg
Full Makeup Station OTG.jpg

The OTG Desk Is A Spacious Vanity In Your Automobile

Most vehicles are likely to have a mirror on the driver seat visor. If your car doesn’t already have a mirror don’t worry, the double sided magnifying mirror you may already own, should work fine if not better. Most makeup aficionados also have in their possession that perfect travel makeup palette that has a mirror and most of your products all in one.

All you need to add is your favorite makeup bag, train case or even a food storage container with a good closure like the one in the picture below. Once your makeup is protected for traveling, and you have your OTG Desk you’re literally good to go.

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